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Blog | July 2014

Welcome to our blog – The Bottom Line, where you’ll find up-to-date commentary and analysis on the most important news in the fiscal world. Below is a list of our blog posts.

Drivers of the Debt: Aging in the Medium Term, Health Costs Over the Long Term

The recent CBO Long-Term Budget Outlook confirmed that our long-term debt problems remain far from solved, with debt projected to exceed the size of...
Social Security_Card
Jul 31, 2014 | Social Security

Event Recap: Decoding the Social Security Trustees Report

On Tuesday, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget hosted an event titled "Decoding the Social Security Trustees Report" to discuss...
Social Security_Card_Layered
Jul 31, 2014 | Social Security

The Social Security Commission Act of 2014

In late May, Representatives Tom Cole (R-OK) and John Delaney (D-MD) introduced the Social Security Commission Act of 2014, reflecting a bipartisan...
Jul 30, 2014 | Health Care| Other Spending

Price Tag for VA Conference Bill: $10 Billion

Note: CBO has issued a more detailed score of the bill. The table has been updated to reflect these numbers. The Congressional Budget Office...
Jul 30, 2014 | Other Spending

House Should Take Up and Improve Senate Bill

Last night, the Senate passed legislation extending highway funding through December and offsetting the cost with a number of deficit reduction...
Jul 30, 2014 | Health Care

Medicare Trustees Report Delivers Good News But Need for Reform Remains

We have already released our analysis of the 2014 Social Security Trustees' report, which showed that the program's long-term finances are...
Jul 29, 2014

MY VIEW: Eugene Steuerle

Eugene Steuerle is the cofounder of the Tax Policy Center, a senior fellow at The Urban Institute, a columnist for Tax Notes Magazine, and a CRFB...
Social Security
Jul 29, 2014

CRFB Event: Decoding the Social Security Trustees Report

With the release of the Social Security Trustees Report, CRFB held an event examining the trustees report on July 29, 2014, at the Hyatt Regency in...
Jul 28, 2014

VA Compromise Announced

This afternoon, Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Chairman Jeff Miller (R-FL) announced compromise legislation to address the serious problems at...
Jul 28, 2014 | Social Security

CRFB Analyzes The Social Security Trustees Report

The Social Security and Medicare Trustees reports provide a detailed projection of each program's finances over the next 75 years. In response, we...